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Training Solutions

Innovative Training Solutions for Your Project Change Leaders

Where does the power of your organization lie? You may have excellent products and services but they aren’t the power behind your corporation. People are your true and only wealth. The people you retain, and their collective knowledge is what makes or breaks your business. If you don’t invest in attracting, retaining and developing quality project leaders, the results are lost opportunities and risk to market position.

The essence of Progressive Leadership is that it partners with your leaders to build organizational capabilities that produce sustainable results. Our training solutions are conducted the same way; everything is customized to meet your needs. We leverage your subject matter expertise and our industry knowledge to develop customized training solutions that are right for your organization. We focus on quickly assessing your organization’s training needs and developing a plan of action so as not to waste your time or strain your budget. Unlike most consulting firms, we deliver value by developing your internal training capabilities, thus putting an emphasis on building an internal leadership pipeline, not on creating impressive training manuals.

Why Our Approach?

Statistics show that the typical training experience has been shown to increase employee productivity only by 20-25%. A study conducted and published by Public Personnel Management suggests that customized training increased productivity by 88%. To strengthen the impact and performance of your training solutions, we offer a variety of approaches to enhance the quality of your training efforts:

  • Innovative experiential learning approaches
  • Customized training solutions to meet your business needs
  • Seasoned facilitators with real world business experience
  • Flexible delivery methods for adult learners
  • Skills integration through application focus and real time coaching
  • Our commitment to make a meaningful difference

Progressive’s Leadership training facilitators are experts in adult learning theories and have hands-on experience in the areas they teach. Our consultants’ lead organizational change management, leadership, and program management training programs and hold professional certifications in those disciplines. Our goal is to facilitate an effective knowledge transfer to your employees and develop individual contributors that support your transformational efforts.

Topics That We Train:

  • How to Manage Enterprise Change Management Programs
  • How to integrate Change Management in your Project Lifecycle
  • Effective Change Management in the Public Sector
  • Program Management to Deliver Business Results
  • PMO Training & PMO Methodologies
  • Building High Performance Project Team Leaders
  • Developing Effective Communities of Practice
  • Soft Skills for Program & Project Change Leaders

We offer our unique training solutions on an ongoing basis. To get more information about our customized training solutions, please contact us or call us at 614-284-3479!