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Program Management

Program Management – Effectively Lead Large-Scale Business Initiatives

The role of project management in today organization has grown significantly. The effective management of project portfolios that include numerous short-terms projects, large multi-project programs or both has become a growing challenge for any industry. Program management success is not measured by your  project managers’ ability to develop impressive work plans and deliverables- but rather by  their ability to put their organizational agility and leadership skills into action. Program execution involves delivering incremental changes in organizational capabilities and requires significant changes in culture, business process, IT systems, customer support and service.

Whether managing post merger & acquisitions integration, implementing an enterprise resource-planning package, setting up or improving your project management office; we can help you select the right PMO leaders and the right tools that can help you turn your project initiatives into a successful reality.

We will guide you through vision definition, governance, benefits management and realization, and everything else you need to create and deliver the new systems, processes, structures and culture. In addition, we serve as your ambassadors between your different stakeholder groups to ensure that everyone speaks the same language and understand how their contribution fits into the whole, not just their department.

Our approach is disciplined and results-driven. Built upon deep knowledge and expertise, our tools and methodologies ensure that roles and responsibilities are clarified, success metrics are identified, work plans established and executive reporting mechanisms are implemented.  Most importantly, we act as your program management coaches; working to bring out the best in each member of your team while anticipating and mitigating any potential obstacles or delays.

Program Management Areas That We Can Help You:

  • Program Management Office Capabilities to improve project and portfolio performance
  • Stakeholder Alignment and Governance to ensure that everyone on your team focuses on the right things
  • Project Management Support to help you guide, lead and support your high visibility initiatives
  • Project Leadership Training programs that strengthen your project manager competencies

To get more information about our Program Management services, please contact us or call us at 614-284-3479!