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Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Today’s challenging marketplace is forcing organizations to change at an accelerated rate. Customers demand better products; shareholders demand better profits and employees are expected to work faster with fewer resources. Nevertheless, the success rate of a change initiative is only about 30%. Organizations spend endless hours planning the details of a large-scale change initiative but often overlook the human dynamics of change. As a result, well-intentioned projects often fail because the people were not appropriately prepared to drive the change efforts.

Progressive Leadership can help you beat the odds. The true challenge lies in ensuring that people embrace and adopt your change initiatives. People support what they help create. For this simple, yet effective reason, we designed our change management solutions with a client-partnered consulting approach in mind that relies heavily on client participation and ownership of the process. Our proprietary PCT progressive change & transformation approach helps organizations architect and plan for the different stages of change; helps them understand how change affects individuals and systems and develops leaders that demonstrate strong leadership engagement throughout the change. The PCT process has been used over years on many successful client projects.

Below are some of our Change Services:

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Sponsor Coaching
  • Organizational Change Management Strategy
  • Change Management Workshops for Teams
  • Communications Strategy
  • Program Branding
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Change Capability Development
  • Change Adoption Scorecards
  • Surveys & Communication

We are passionate in helping organizations drive successful business transformations and overcome difficult periods of change faster. We act as your advisors and guide you through the change management process so you can stay focused on your core mission. We’re ready to hear about the changes your organization is facing, and to discuss how we can help you manage through it.

To find out how Progressive Leadership can help you with your Organizational Change Management programs, please contact us, or call us at 614-284-3479.