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Leadership Development

Leadership Coaching- Coaching Effective Leaders in A High Tech World

Where does the power of your of your organization lie? You may have excellent products and services but they aren’t the power behind your organization. People are your true and only wealth. The people you retain, and their knowledge, is what makes or breaks your business. However, the greatest challenge is to create an environment of emerging leaders who can develop a strategic vision, build a team and remove the stumbling blocks that hinder true corporate unity. If you can’t the results are lost opportunities, risk to customer and employee satisfaction, shareholder value and increased costs and confusion.

Progressive Leadership assists you in identifying and maximizing the true potential of your leaders. Being an effective leader is not about tweaking personality or learning a few new techniques. Rather, it is about the challenging task of building a solid base of personal character, improving team collaboration, productivity and profitability.

We recognize that today’s leaders demand a different type of programs to help sharpen their leadership skills; therefore we designed customized leadership coaching programs that help leaders identify their strengths and opportunities and sharpen their leadership capabilities. We customize our programs to align with your business values and your company vision while focusing on specific behaviors, skills, strategies and techniques that allow the leaders to demonstrate the key leadership skills that are necessary for driving your strategic initiatives.

To help you build the capacity of your leadership pipeline and address specific leadership gaps, our record proven methodology and expertise in assessments and leadership coaching  will enable you to expect the following outcomes:

  • Clarified long-term vision for your role within your organization
  • Stronger influence over the direction of your organization
  • Engaged senior executives in the ongoing development of their emerging leaders
  • Higher satisfaction and morale for those under your leadership
  • Increased employee retention and productivity
  • Improved decision-making and greater productivity
  • Greater leverage of your unique strengths, value and skills
  • Improved planning and time management skills

If you are seriously considering improving teamwork and leadership skills within your organization, we invite you to take advantage of a complimentary consultation. Contact us today or call us at  614-284-3479 for the answers to any questions you may have, or to arrange leadership coaching services for you or your managers. Together we can increase the value top leadership provides during organizational and strategic changes.

Leadership Assessments- Achieving Your Maximum Potential

In today’s complex work environment, where there are often cross-functional teams working on a variety of projects, leadership asessments support optimal results by helping team members understand themselves and other team members.

An objective assessment of where you are now is at the heart of determining how to move forward. Our assessments will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in areas such as your behavioral style, communication patterns, leadership skills, and personality profile. Bottom line, our assessment tools provide your leaders the visibility into complex issues that may or may not be apparent on a surface level. Once these issues are uncovered, action can be taken to resolve them. Below is a list of several assessment tools we use:

Behavioral Style Assessment (DISC) :

 Understand your own behavioral style, recognize and utilize the differences in co-workers’ styles without changing them, deliver what others need to do their best work and create win-win outcomes. This assessment is tailored to executives, program/project managers and their project team members.

Personal Interest, Attitudes & Values Assessment:

Beyond your skills and experience, understand what really motivates you, your passions and attitudes. You will begin to recognize others’ core attitudes and see the word through their eyes, determine if you hire the right employees for the right job. The assessment cuts across titles and role to the heart of the individual and what they truly value and care about most.

Discovery 360º Feedback Assessment:

Customizable to the issues the organization wishes to measure: Performance Management Coaching, Leadership, Empowerment, Teamwork, Quality, Customer Service and other factors. It highlights the gap between current performance and desired performance, accompanied by a professional coaching plan that tracks results over time.

For learning more about our leadership assessments and how we can help your organization, please complete our contact form or call us at 614-284-3479.