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Progressive Leadership is a boutique management-consulting firm that helps companies plan, manage and implement complex organizational and technology-driven business transformations. Whether the business transformation initiative involves a system implementation, a business process re-design or an organizational restructuring the true challenge lies in ensuring that you have the tools and resources to effectively guide your people through the change. Progressive Leadership draws on extensive intellectual capital and experience to help you achieve that goal!

Organizations have no choice but to change. While most organizations are doing a great job in designing and implementing technology solutions that deliver business value; they often struggle in gaining buy-in and building consensus around their business transformation objectives. We help  organizations achieve their business transformation goals by addressing their organizational change management, communications, training and stakeholder needs.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike most traditional consulting firms, we deliver value by developing project change leaders within your organization, thus putting emphasis on your long-term investment your “people.” Clients enjoy working with us because we combine the expertise and disciplined approach of a top professional services firm; yet have the agility of a small, entrepreneurial firm that delivers practical, cost effective solutions.

We form a partnership with our clients to quickly assess their needs and develop a plan of action, not waste their time or strain their budget. As our clients testify, we are known for the quality of our partnerships and our ongoing commitment to outstanding results to every service we deliver. Our goal is to ensure your success. We work closely with you to translate your vision and goals into strategic plans and provide you with the knowledge, ability, and tools to be successful now and into the future.

Organizations Turn To Us When:

  • Dealing with large scale organizational change initiatives
  • Introducing new business processes across their organizations
  • Implementing large complex enterprise resource planning systems
  • Coaching and mentoring program managers and their teams
  • Setting up Project Management Offices (PMOs)
  • Delivering customized training in the areas of change management, leadership development and project management office methodologies

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation on how we can help your organization design and implement organizational change management programs that produce real business results!